CHEMISTRY 1 – CALORIMETRY LAB                 NAME                                                                           HOUR              



Determine the energy content (in calories) of a food product



Walnut, stopper with wire, pop can, temperature probe/computer, ring stand, ceramic centered wire gauze, clamps





















Burn the food, and use the heat generated to heat a measured quantity of water using the temperature probe from the computer. Run the Logger Pro file “Calorimetry Lab” in the Chemistry 1 folder on the desktop. 

Measure the temperature of the water to determine the temperature change.

Use the equation Q = s x m x DT to determine the energy content of the food. 


LAB DATA                                                                    PACKAGE DATA         

Mass of food                                        g                     Type of food                                       

Volume of water in calorimeter               mL                   Serving size                              g

Initial Temperature of water                    oC                    Calories per serving                   Cal =                 kcal

Final Temperature of water                     oC                    (Note:  Calories listed in nutritional info are actually kcal)



Note:    s = 1.0 cal/goC; 1 cal = 4.184 J, 1 mL H2O = 1 g H2O


Mass of Water in Calorimeter






Temperature Change (DT ) of Water














Energy (Q) absorbed by the calorimeter (Help)

In calories:






In Joules:






Energy content (J/g) of the food






Calculate the energy content (J/g) that would be expected, based upon the data given on the food package.  Compare this with the energy content that you measured in the lab.  Comment on the variations you observe. (Help)


1 serving