To calculate the energy absorbed by the water you must calculate the Q for water or Energy absorbed or given off. In this case it is absorbed.


First, determine the mass of the water, (1 mL of water = 1 gram of water)

Next determine the temperature change in water (Δt = tfinal tinitial)

Finally, multiply by the either 4.184 J/g Co when calculating energy for joules or multiply by 1 cal/g Co when calculating in for calories.


The equation looks like this:


Q = mass x Δt x specific heat(water)


Note that the number of calories and joules may seem high but remember that the numbers of calories written on the back of packages are in kilocalories and not calories as they indicate. Therefore divide your number of calories by a 1000cal/kcal to convert to kcal which should be close to what to what is written on the back of the package once you compensate for the mass.